Oral Appliances

One of the most common reasons for snoring / apnea is for the tongue to fall back into the airway and obstruct the flow of air. One solution is wear a CPAP machine that is very effective. But some people just can’t tolerate sleeping with a mask attached to their face and a custom fitted oral appliance may be the solution.

Since the tongue is attached to the lower jaw, and the device keeps the jaw forward, the tongue does not have the opportunity to block the airway. Here’s a sample delivery of an Oral Appliance for a patient that cannot tolerate a CPAP and visited us for an alternative solution. You can see how easy it is to place the device and the range of motion is comfortable for the patient.

Notice when she bites down, she can move her lower jaw to the left and to the right, can move it forward, but the “wings”, also called fins, prevent the patient from sliding her jaw back. We can monitor how much your airway is being obstructed with simple apps on your smart phone. Different straps of varying lengths and stiffness allow us to find the “sweet spot” where you are the most comfortable and the device is the most effective. After finding this position, we need to repeat a true sleep apnea test to make sure the device is effective in reducing your apnea and hypopnia events.

Track your snore with SnoreLab App! (Note: this application only monitors snoring sounds and is not a substitute for apnea testing.  It is used a guide to let us know that the oral appliance is making a difference, before we order a titration test)